2014     Art of McCartney

2014     Frozen: The Songs 

2013     A Fathers Lullaby      Nick Lachey

2013     Frozen (Soundtrack)

2013     Go Back Home     Audra McDonald

2013     Loved Me Back To Life     Celine Dion

2013     Lullabies     Sara Mann

2012     Ice Age: Continental Drift (Soundtrack)

2012     Moonrise Kingdom (Soundtrack)

2012     Happy Feet 2 (Soundtrack)     John Powell

2011      One Night Standards     Katrina Carlson

2011      The Essential Celine Dion     Celine Dion

2011      When You Find Out     Breaking Laces

2010     A Thousand Different Ways     Clay Aiken

2010     Christmas Is The Time    Katharine McPhee

2010     Euphoria     Enrique Iglesias

2010     Hooked     Lucy Woodward

2009    Christmas From The Heart     David Archuleta

2009    Mitchel Musso     Mitchel Musso

2009    The Joy Of Christmas     Sony

2009    The Singles Collection     Britney spears

2009    Where we Are     Westlife

2008    Camp Lisa     Lisa Loeb

2008    Disney Music Block Party     Disney

2008    Hancock (Soundtrack)     John Powell

2008    My Love     Celine Dion

2008    On My way Here     Clay akin

2008    Stop Loss (Soundtrack)     John Powell

2008    Unbeautiful     Lesley Roy

2007    Are You Listening Now     Sarah Vonderhaar

2007    Halfway Pleased     Curt Smith

2007    Jordin Sparks     Jordin Sparks

2007    Katharine McPhee     Katharine McPhee

2007    Living On Love     Trina Hamlin

2007    Noise From Words     Michael McDermott

2007    Peace and Joy     Sony

2007    Taking Chances     Celine Dion

2007    Talk To Me     Joey McIntyre

2006    A Thousand Different Ways     Clay Aiken

2006    Bianca Ryan     Bianca Ryan

2006    Build A Bridge     Audra McDonald

2006    Gold     Tears For Fears

2006    Happy Feet (Soundtrack)     John Powell

2006    Secret World     Tears For Fears

2006    X-Men: Last Stand (Soundtrack)     John Powell

2005    Essential Christmas     Sony

2005    Mr and Mrs Smith (Soundtrack)     John Powell

2005    Our New Orleans: A Benefit for the Gulf Coast

2005    Siren     Laura Wolfe

2005    Traveling Light     Courtney Jaye

2004    8:09     Joey McIntyre

2004    Ashes     Michael McDermott

2004    Jennifer Marks     Jennifer Marks                         

2004    Someone To Tell     Ari Hest

2004    The Love Lot     Ted Goldstein                           

2004    Today’s Christmas

2004     Trouble     Bonnie McKee

2004     700 Miles     Mary Lee’s Corvette

2003     Deluxe     Ron Sunshine

2003     Good Day No Rain     Bill Deasy

2003     Gypsy 83

2003     Live: No Food Jokes Tour     Bacon Brothers

2003     Paper Monsters     David Gahan                        

2003     Rules Of Travel     Roseanne Cash

2003     Two Weeks Notice     John Powell

2002     ..Baby One More Time     Britney spears

2002     A Walk to Remember

2002     Sounds Of the Season (Sony 2002)

2002     Willy Porter     Willy Porter

2001      A Camp     A Camp

2001     Candy     Ron Sunshine

2001     Love Seed Mama Jump     Love Seed

2001     Meet Joe Mac     Joe Mac

2001     Rant     Ian Hunter

2001     The Hits: Chapter One     Backstreet Boys

2001     Wish     Paul Ruderman

2000     Aeroplane     Curt Smith

2000     Catalyst     Sherri Jackson

2000     Fevers, Rats and Stars     Elizabeth Aubrey

2000     My Names Not Red     Jennifer Marks

2000     Thieves and Angels     New Rising Sons

1999     Baby One More Time     Britney spears

1999     An American Love Story

1999     Blue Days Black Nights     Freedy Johnston

1999     Boys Don’t Cry (Soundtrack)

1999     Glimmer     Kim Richey

1999     Happy Texas

1999     Leomoon     Leomoon

1999     Millennium     Backstreet Boys

1999     Pokémon: The First Movie (Soundtrack)

1999     Songs For Grownups      Dean Friedman

1998     Anybody Out There?     Burlap To Cashmere

1998     Big Stars     MJ12

1998     Holiday Songs and Lullabies      Shawn Colvin

1998     Lets Go Do What Happens     Francis Dunnery

1998     Mayfield     A Mayfield Affair

1998     Soul Drug     Ron Sunshine

1998     XL     Blue Flannel

1997     Carnival: Rainforest Foundation Concert

1997     Rule 62     Rule 62

1997     Sweetness     Ugly Beauty

1996     Marry Me Jane     Marry Me Jane

1994     Pick It Up     Ron Sunshine

1993     Gethsemane     Michael McDermott