2014     The Best of Me     Relativity Media

2014     Black or White      Relativity Media

2013     Frozen   Disney

2013     The Secret Life of Walter Mitty    Warner Brothers     

2012     Hope Springs    Lions Gate

2012     Ice Age: Continental Drift    20th Century fox      

2012     The Campaign    Warner Bros      

2011      Happy Feet 2 in 3-D    Warner Bros      

2010     The Bounty Hunter    Sony      

2011      Mars Needs Moms    Walt Disney Pictures      

2011      Moonrise Kingdom    Universal Studios      

2011      Rio    20th century Fox      

2010     Knight and Day    20th century fox      

2009    The Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past    New Line Cinema

2008    Four Christmases    New Line Cinema

2008    Baby Mama    Universal Studios

2008    Hancock    Sony

2008    Happy Feet    Warner Bros

2008    Stop Loss    Paramount Pictures

2008    Nims Island    Anschutz Film Group

2008    Timer    Truckbeef

2006    X-Men: The Last Stand    20th Century Fox

2006    Miami Vice    Universal Studios

2005    Be Cool    MGM and UA Services Co

2005    Miss congeniality 2    Warner Bros

2005    Tenacious D In the Pick of Destiny    New Line Cinema

2005    Mr. and Mrs. Smith    New Regency Productions

2004    Mr. 3000    Walt Disney Pictures

2004    Along Came Polly    Universal Studios

2002    Two Weeks Notice    Warner Bros

1999     For Love Of The Game    Universal Studios

1998     Providence    Universal Studios